How to start an online radio station

Always wanted to start an online radio station but feel that everything involved is just too overwhelming? We are here to help from choosing software and hosting to starting your first broadcast and for those of you creating a commercial radio station how to stay legal and avoid fines for unpaid royalties. Follow the steps we have set out for you below and you can be online streaming and legal within an hour. Of course if you want us to walk you through the process over the phone or just set it all up for you click on the “Get live help” button to the bottom right of this page.

Step 1: Bookmark

Be sure to bookmark this page before you get started. We have links that send you to other websites and there is software to download and try that may take you away from this page. (We would hate for you not to be able to find your way back.)

Step 2: Choosing Software

Our choice hands down is Sam Broadcaster. Having owned and setup several online radio stations we have tried just about everything out there. For mobile Dj’s wanting a live feed to garage dj’s broadcasting on their first online radio station this software is easily our first choice.

Here is a link for free trial software so you can check it out for yourself. There is an introductory video on the page we are sending you to and if you click the BUY button it will give you the option to download the free trial or LITE version. When you do get ready to buy the “PRO” version is what we recommend but feel free to contact us if you are having trouble deciding on what is best for you.



Once you download the software be sure to check out our step by step tutorial on using Sam Broadcaster with helpful easy to follow videos.

 UPDATE:  Free DJ mixing software offered by Mixxx  — This is a great alternative we still recommend using Sam Broadcaster for broadcasting but Mixxx is a great alternative when finances don’t permit using Sam Broadcaster.

Step 2b: But I don’t want to use software at all!

If you go with one of our streaming solutions below you won’t need software to get started. Using our Live DJ tools included in every account large and small you can upload your music to our servers and even develop a playlist or play randomly from your music. Simple to use and as always we will walk you right through the process. This is a simple quick solution to those just wanting a low cost weekend hobby, broadcasting pre-recorded shows and those not interested in ever playing commercials or talking live online.


Step 3: Streaming

What is streaming and why is it step three? Streaming is essential for online broadcasting. I could go on for hours regarding this subject but to keep it simple if you don’t stream nobody will hear you. There are several options out there and with a day or two of googling you can explore them all. (as you wanted advice you should probably just continue reading) If you are broadcasting music using .mp3 files (what we recommend) then your choice will most likely be shoutcast streaming. Shoutcast is without a doubt the industry standard in online radio streaming. Developed by Nullsoft, Shoutcast allows you to broadcast in the .mp3 or in the HE-AAC format. Here at AnayaCS we offer a very low cost Shoutcast streaming solution to beginners starting at $4.95 a month. There is a one time setup fee of $5 however if you use more than one of our services or purchase one of the partner products on this page contact us and we will waive the setup fee. Click the link below to get started. You can also use the Services link in the menu above to explore all our solutions.




Step 4: How will they find me?

Good question. If you are planning on using AnayaCS for streaming you will automatically be setup on the Shoutcast Radio website and and listed with hundreds of other radio stations. If you are wanting a more professional presence AnayaCS also provides you with a free flash player that you can place on any website that you own. (look to the left of this page there is always live help if you need it) Of course AnayaCS can also develop your radio station website for you and we offer a variety of radio station website templates to those already possessing knowledge of html and php. Just contact us for more information.


Step 5: Why do I have to be legal?

Well… because it’s the right thing to do and if you are like us you don’t have a ton of cash just laying around available to pay fines and deal with possible lawsuits. We have chosen an easy route for AnayaCS customers to get legal quick. It’s not expensive at all and covers you whether your station is small or large and whether you have 10 or 1000 listeners every day! Of course they are called Stream Licensing to make it just that much easier to remember and they keep you legal providing U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, & SOCAN (Canada)

Internet Radio Stream Licensing. Our #1 recommended solution. Best of all these guys let you start small and add more “coverage” as your station grows.




Step 6: What about a website?

We can solve that for you as well.  AnayaCS creates custom websites, specializing in radio station websites.  Get ahold of us for a custom quote today.  Of course if budgets are tight we have inexpensive radio station website templates.  Visit our broadcasting page to see what is available.  Click Here


In closing or our final thoughts regarding live broadcasting.

Of course we are not saying that this is a list of all the options out there but we have tried, failed and tried again on our own commercially and with broadcasting as a hobby. From the last 9 years of triumphs and headaches we have narrowed down live broadcasting online to everything we have listed for you on this page. Don’t bother contacting us with emails about how you found a free solution to everything here because we know they exist but just like everything else out there “everything free” eventually comes with a price. (don’t say we didn’t warn you) Best of luck and enjoy your new radio station. Please do drop us a line so we can tune in. We are always happy to lend an ear.


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  • I would like to be guided from zero for having a radio streaming which listed and legal. Please advise me, step by step, including set up my website with your proposed template. would be better if we can chat, at skype.. thank you.

    • Thanks for your inquiry. We are always here to help. Just click the “Get live help” button to the bottom right of the page on this website and talk to a live tech. (I sent you a message on skype as well)