How to: Facebook Marketing

The do’s and don’ts of Facebook marketing.  Below you will find a few tips to making your transition to Facebook marketing successful.

1. Do not set up a personal profile or a Facebook Group to promote your company. Use a Page instead.  Groups are best left to causes and topics related to your niche (e.g., People for a positive change).  And personal profiles? Well, they’re for individuals, not companies and products.

2. Make sure to include your business and or a link to your regular website on your page. Don’t use your Facebook page as your sole point of contact on the internet.  Remember you don’t own the page facebook does and they can shut it down any time they like.

3. Remember that Facebook pages are public. Be sure to post responsibly.  Don’t post anything on your business or product page that you wouldn’t want others to see.  As far as most users are concerned it is an extension of your storefront and you would not want personal or improper things posted on the front of your building.

4. Stop advertising with every post you make. If every post you write says nothing but “buy this now” or “click here to try”  eventually your page will become nothing more than one big ad and people will stop visiting it.

5. Do not post promotional messages on the profiles of other people. If you walked around town posting your ad on the backs of the people walking in front of you and on every vehicle you come across…  you may get one or two people to pay attention to what you are selling but  you are probably going to make a larger number angry.

6. Thank you and please really are magic words. The simplest extension of personal courtesy goes a long way.  Always thank people for the time they took to like your page and when asking them to visit it be polite.  The words please and thank you go a long way.

7. Allow users to post or comment on your Page. I have seen good pages go by the wayside because the page owner does not allow others to post on their page.  Remember being social means you start dialogue with those visiting your page.  Don’t just allow it… encourage others to post on and like the different elements of your page.

8. Update your page regularly. There is nothing worse than going to a page and seeing nothing but outdated content.  Be sure to update your page every day if possible 2 to 3 times a day.

9. Engage with those who “like” your page. When someone comments on your page even if you don’t agree with the post, thank them for their input.  Always reply to your posters.  Nobody likes to be ignored.

10. Tie your Facebook page into a more complex one.  Facebook promotion is great but having a secondary avenue for them to explore your products is always a great idea.  A website with interactive features such as video will get your customers involved and hopefully generate more business and sales. Remember to include a like button on your website and a contact page  for your visitors.

If you have any questions please be sure to contact us using the contact form, the live help button to the left of this website or leave your comments below.  Check us out on Facebook.

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