How do you solve just about any computer issue you have?

In the wise words of my daughter..  ”Just Google it!”

“Just Google it!”  Something that most teenagers will do these days to solve anything from a technical question to finding a recipe for cheesecake.  Sadly just Googling it is not something that many of my clients age 30 and above do to solve computer issues. They either turn to the neighborhood geek (usually me), a teen(that probably googles it) or a local computer store.

I use google atleast 10 times a day. I am always searching for a solution to a programming issue or to find the best price on the newest 1 TB Sata drive.  If more people from my generation and beyond would take advantage of “Just Googling it”  several computer problems they face could be solved with just a few clicks of a mouse.

My computer advice for the day  ”Google it” !

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Orlando Anaya is a freelance web developer and customer support specialist. Orlando provides remote technical support to his clients and maintains an online company providing website development with web and shoutcast hosting services.

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