Does web browser hijacking really exist.

Yes! And it is a constant danger to most of us on the internet today. It may appear as a bunch of pop-up windows (usually adult oriented) when you type in a wrong url, or it may be a virus installed on your machine that is taking over your browser completely.

I cannot guarantee that you will never be exposed to browser hijacking by following the instructions in this post but there are things that you can do to protect yourself from most of the threats currently online.

Use common sense

If the website is offering something that seems too good to be true it probably is. Don’t click that banner or link to instantly win your new laptop or that free Nintendo Wii. More than likely it will involve you downloading some form of malicious software to your machine. Even if you receive the link from a trusted friend or family member,  if it doesn’t seem right don’t click on it. Your friend or family member may have already been a victim of the virus and without their knowledge the virus sent itself on to you. Yes this includes all messages from social media programs including Twitter and Facebook.

Use and update an anti-virus program regularly

If you don’t protect yourself you will end up with some form of a hijack virus. Don’t be afraid of the cost!  There are several free programs out there that you can use to protect yourself.  I recommend Spybot, AVG FREE, and Malwarebytes as a good combination to run on your computer. It can also be helpful to remove rogue entries in your registry,  ccleaner does this well and a free version is available online.

I am lost what  do I do?

There are many types of browser hijacking, and to combat them, you have to be aware of all the exploits that make it possible. Browser hijacking isn’t necessarily a virus, and isn’t necessarily adware, so stopping it isn’t always an easy task. If you feel you are a victim of browser hijacking use our contact form requesting technical support. We will usually get back to you same day and can diagnose online whether or not you have been infected, clear your computer of the threat and can setup the free software I mentioned earlier to assist in future prevention of browser hijacking.

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