How do you solve just about any computer issue you have? 

In the wise words of my daughter..  ”Just Google it!” “Just Google it!”  Something that most teenagers will do these days to solve anything from a technical question to finding a recipe for cheesecake.  Sadly just Googling it is not something that many of my clients age 30 and above do to solve computer issues. They […]

Why did my computer crash? 

Today I thought I would address one of the most frequent tech support help requests that I get. “My computer is crashing constantly… what’s wrong?  There is not a simple answer to that question.  There can be many things wrong with your computer when crashing becomes a persistent problem.  The fixes can range from simple […]

Does web browser hijacking really exist. 

Yes! And it is a constant danger to most of us on the internet today. It may appear as a bunch of pop-up windows (usually adult oriented) when you type in a wrong url, or it may be a virus installed on your machine that is taking over your browser completely. I cannot guarantee that […]

How to start an online radio station 

Always wanted to start an online radio station but feel that everything involved is just too overwhelming? We are here to help from choosing software and hosting to starting your first broadcast and for those of you creating a commercial radio station how to stay legal and avoid fines for unpaid royalties. Follow the steps […]

Welcome to our tutorial blog 

Welcome to the new and improved AnayaCS tutorial blog.  We have phased out the Windows XP tutorials and will focus on Windows 7 and Windows 8 based tutorials. As always the Live Help button to the left of every page on our website is there if you need further assistance. Please be sure to update […]